After Jamb 2020 What Next? See 9 Things you Should Do Before Admission

After JAMB what next ? Is the question that came to mind just before I registered for jamb,

I do not border to think deep about that since am not the only one on the journey. I finally, come across a JAMBBITE just like me that throw the same question to me, what is the question?

After checking jamb result what next ? Hmm! This question weak me , I never knew another person is still thinking the same thing am thinking, I told the guy let have a sit, we did so , finally we got the answer to the question after jamb what is the next thing to do ? The answer to the question later helped me after jamb in fact In this article I will tell you how I earn money after jamb to pay my acceptance fee by my self without waiting for my parent to pay it.

And in this article I will also show you what to do if you get low jamb score in fact count your self lucky to be reading this great guide , let move on to the admission journey which bring the question after jamb what next ? To the table.

After jamb what next

After JAMB what next ?

1.)  Check your choice of Institution to know if they do write POST UTME

Yes, I said check that school that you chose both first and second choice to know if they do write POST UTME,

If yes that they do, Good start preparing immidiatly do not wait ,  to no if you can get higher score so it can give you more chance of gaining admission, But if they do not use to write post UTME fine move on,  even after post time what next ? if they do write .

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2.) Check your score and your choice of institution

You have just finished writing JAMB, Weldone but have you check your JAMB score?

if yes! did you score high or low? Now, check the institution that you chose most importantly first choice because most scores do not accept second choice after checking the two things get ready to move on to the next step.

3.) Check your course and cut off mark of your institution

You have check your score before right? Yes! Now check the score cut off mark

What is the score cut of mark ? is it 180 , 200 or 250 And above.

Now! That you no the school cut off mark Did you meet the school cut off mark? If yes! Congrat or didn’t you meet up with the cut off mark ? If yes! I will show you sure thing to do still on this article after jamb what next, let go on.

4.) Consider may be to change course or school

Did you meet the cut off mark both

  • General cut off mark
  • Departmental cut off mark

If yes! Congrats if Know! Think may be to change it or not in case you want to change think and ask question before you change.

5.) Don’t Neglect your books completely

Since you don’t finished exam who book help again?

Who go they stress him/her self they read again, remove such mentality and pick up some of your Notes, Text book, that you use to prepared for jamb

because year one in the university is the repitetion of what you were thought in your secondary school,

If you have been reading this sure it will be less easier for you.

6.) Learn A skill

Why must you just be rushing just to gain admission, be patient why can’t you think about the benefits of having something doing,

trying to keep your self busy will you are still waiting for admission by learning a skill, now! I remembered I promised to tell you how I made money to pay my acceptance fee, yes I will tell you,

I pay my acceptance fee from the #150 that they do gave me for food every day in the place that am learning How to get JAMB expo before Exam skill that is barbing. 

Ido save #100 will I bye biscuit of #50 and eat every day that is just how I raised money for my acceptance fee you also can try the same. in this article after jamb what next am about to travel the key things you must not miss to do.

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7.) Research on your school fee , acceptance fee and cost of every other things that required money

Do I mean you should research? Yes  I said so try to be a researcher don’t just sit at home and be waiting till you gain admission before you know about the cost of things you are going to do or pay

As people and browse about the school fees , their acceptance fees and make sure you know it.

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8.) Make research about all the documents you may need before you enter

Have you ever ask your self what will make the school to know that you are really this person, make reach about the required documents that they will require from you and make sure you get it set, such as O’level verification, Jamb result, Birth certificate, LGA identity etc those are example of what the school may require from you try to get all set before the race start, .

9.) Seek advice from those who are already in the school before you

Do I ready mean you should seek advice? Yes! Seek advice about the school

How the school is about their exam about your department and many more,

In fact if you seek advice and people advice you about the school before you enter sure you will really learn from them and also learn from their own mistake.

What if you are leaving far away from the school ? Just search for their Facebook or WhatsApp group and joing it will really benefit you alot.


pray for your success daily,  always believe in your self and make sure you read alone at night ,

scientist have discovered that the best time to read is to read at night, you will really enjoy this but usually very stressful but try to read as if you are preparing for your final exam,

why it is for you not to be laging behind in the university when you enter,

It will also make reading part of you. I strongly believed that if you tried the above mentioned tips you will not come backs here to ask me after jamb what next.

That is all for now! Did you have any question that you want to ask? If yes! Ask using the comment box below.


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