Facts About EBSU and Their Admission Procedure

Many Ebonyi state university (EBSU) aspirants that just applied for EBSU without know any Facts about EBSU and EBSU admission procedure , so many aspirants have been asking me questions about EBSU and about their Post UTME examination, I have no option than to write it here in Informlearner for every body to see and know it is not about closing your eye and dream to school in Ebonyi state university (EBSU), it is about knowing what you need to do in other for you to secure admission in EBSU. So for the sake of all EBSU aspirants I will be sharing 7 Facts about EBSU and EBSU Admission procedure that your need to know.

The dream of every aspirants is to wear that matriculate gown, but believe me you must wear it, once you work hard.

If you are not informed you will be deformed

You may only be deformed if you pay deaf ear to this facts that I want to reveal to you, EBSU is a very great school that is why to gain admission into EBSU is too competitive but if you no this facts about EBSU gaining admission into EBSU may be less easy for you but did you know that EBSU is among the top 8 best university in Nigeria.

Oh! Is that the reason why many people are aspiring for the school but let me just go straight to the point without wasting your time.

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7 Facts about EBSU and EBSU Admission procedure

EBSU Admission procedure

Fact 1. EBSU is not writing post UTME in this 2019

Yes! Most of you asking is ebsu writing post UTME this year? This is to inform you that EBSU is not writing post UTME examination this year. You may also ask how can they do their screening? Ebsu will do their screening using your JAMB, and O’ level .

Fact 2. EBSU does not accept second choice

It is not a news that EBSU does not accept second choice, they accept only first choice, since they are not writing post UTME examination they will only select the qualified once and give them admission.

Fact 3. High JAMB score does not guarantee you admission in EBSU

In 2018 when I was looking for admission in EBSU I scored 204 and a friend of my score 250 I gained admission but he does not, how come? It is a serious question to ask, unknowingly to me that my friend does not pass the main subject which is (Literature in English) for the  course he is aspiring for mean while you need to score at least 5 A’s in your WAEC or NECO RESULT .

Fact 4 EBSU can withraw  you after after gaining admission

Many students rush into EBSU without been qualify to be their, they do not know Facts about EBSU, but why would EBSU withdraw a student after gaining admission? Some student gain admission through connection or through any means without been qualify once EBSU notice such during their Verification such student may be withdrawn even after paying EBSU acceptance fee.

Fact5 EBSU place value on students from catchment area

How will you feel given other peoples children food will your own children are very hungry, if you are from EBSU catchment area their is high chance of you gaining admission easily even if you score low in JAMB so far as you reach EBSU off mark.

Fact6 Having lot of A’s or B’s does not guarantee you admission in EBSU

I get A1 in all my subject even I get A1 in English and maths lol! Who know if you are the one that even wrote the o’level examination by your self what is the value of result that you can not defend? Nothing that is the reason why that does not guarantee you of admission , to gain admission into EBSU you must have at least 5 credit in your o’level including English and maths.

Fact7 Wrong o’level subjects combination

Wrong subjects combination in your o’level result may disqualify you of gaining admission into EBSU for instance you need Literature, Government before you can study political science in EBSU if you do not have those two subjects that is what we call wrong o’level combination that may disqualify you of gaining admission into EBSU.

Those are the basic facts about EBSU for now! more facts will be update here soon once we discover more,

I hope this article Facts about EBSU and EBSU Admission procedure is of help to you?

if you are an aspirant of EBSU and you have any question that you want to ask, ask the question using the comment box below.

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