9 Secret to pass EBSU GST Examination Without F9

EBSU GST can make unserious students to be extra serious in fact it can turn you into automatic pastor lol! Let be serious it is not funny at all let just tell our self the truth, Ebsu gst

The way students do fail the course Chai! Just because they do not know the secret to pass it, that secret just leaked and am here to reveal the secret to you in fact almost 99.5% of the students that applied this EBSU General study secret  pass all their GST courses last year I do not know this secret until I fail one course the most painful thing in my own case then was that I used wrong strategies during my study for the examination, which I will tell you before concluding paragraph of this article,  just keep on reading.

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9 Secret to Pass EBSU GST Without F9

  1. Laziness and We have Land attitude

rushing to school for Get examHow do laziness affect or cause your failure in EBSU GST examination?

When you feel lazy about studing your books  even some students once they are back from school they will leave their hostel and move to the football Field or to were they will be drinking and gisting that is were we have land attitude comes in when you feel that you are now in control you are know more with your parent that do disturb you, this mostly happen among year one students that have not know any thing about how Ebsu examination usually be, but if you do not chase that laziness away EBSU will control you with your result, in fact a friend of my Ekene break up with his girl friend after seen his first semester result Chai! Ebonyi state university I can say you are the father of all Universities in Nigeria, that is just the introduction let now go into the main point of this great article.

2.) Do Not forget your brain at home

Do not forget your brain at home will going to write ebsu get examMost students of Ebonyi state university do fail Gst because they forget their brain at home coming to school to write examination, I was a victim of this I will confess should I tell you my story? Yes! OK I will

It is on Friday that we have philosophy and logic by 9am I was on my bed sleeping in fact dreaming about one beautiful girl in our department that am afraid of talking to  I love this girl but to talk to her na wahala,

Until 8: 30 before a final year guy knocked my door Usulor say you know get exam today, I shouted who is that I hear again guy you no get exam today ? I checked time Jesus na 8: 42 and I never read any thing

I rush out side carry water wash my leg and hand and enter bus rush to school reaching school our department have started entering

I joined them

Enter hall guy I can’t even remember what is Logic?

And it is computer Base CBT in fact my brain was at home that day waiting for me before I could recover 

I have aready submitted.

3.) Do not panic because your time is short 

Since EBSU GST examination is CBT  and the time is limited and short you have to manage it , most students do keep watching their time until their time runs off, do not check time to use time

Time wait for nobody forget about time and settle your mind and think about they questions , in fact do not check time until you are done even if you are done cross check if the system submit it self no problem,

This method worked to me very well. I have not even show you the main secret but let me give you one clue before I deep in.

4.) Smile before answering any question,

It is not a joke at all, smiling during exam will make you feel relax, do not squeeze your face,

Do not mind what people may think about your smile,  some may even be saying that you are mad do not mind because as you smile during the exam so you shall smile when checking your result ,

Those that squeeze their faces during the exam will also squeeze will checking the result but if squeezing face work for you use it

I only tell you the ones that work well for me.

5.) Breathe before you answer any question, no matter the pressure

Some time the invigilators will be telling you to be fast that the system will soon off, just calm down even if the system want to off let it off, some time you will noticed that even after the pressure mountin on you and you rush you will still see most people that entered the same time with you still busy writing this is among the major secret to pass EBSU GST I repeat do not rush breathe before you answer any question.

6.) Focus on what the lectural said during lecture 

This is one of the key secret to pass GST Courses in EBSU  some time the examples that the lectural give during lecture will come out of the exam and if you are not I the lecture that they that is how you fail that question, that is why I do try and make sure I attended all the Gst lectures

7.) Pretend as if you are the only one in the hall

Do not look at people some people have chami face in the sense that if your eye meet with someone with badluck the person may exchange your own luck with their bad luck please, avoid the, I call this no7. Secret psychological secret to pass Gst examination , instead look at the ceiling  if you forget anything

Do not look at people will you are trying to remember something

Do not let people to distract you Just be focus and hope for As or Bs in your result.

8. Cheat/Expo to answer EBSU GST question

  •  Exercise your brain before you start , practice much examples and exercises from your text book

Use the SRSR Technique ; thank to the lectural that showed me this techniques that work like paracetamol,

SRSR is an acronym for ; Scan , reflect , solve and reread

Scan through the book reflect it solve it and reread that is repeat the previous steps that is all you are free to go,

I know as you see Cheat/Expo you thing am here to give you things like … Lol! Students of Jet age let go on do not mind me.


9 .) Conclusion

those strategies/techniques  on secret to pass EBSU GST mentioned above if you apply it sure you will come back here to give testimony informlearner is always available for all students across the globe,

If this post is helpful feel free to share it to your friends and do not forget to drop your comment or questions below.


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