JAMB 2020/2021 Registration Procedure , Starting Date & Closing Date

JAMB 2020/2021 Registration is around the corner since JAMB 2019 is gone, what am here to answer is questions like ; when is JAMB form 2020 coming out, JAMB 2020 registration procedure and many more other questions to answer, to register for jamb 2020 is not the problem but passing it is the major problem because of this before you go to register for jamb you need to know Secret On How to Pass JAMB 2020 and Score Above 300 in JAMB

The above secret have helped many candidates to past jamb in 2019 most of them that used it score above 300 in JAMB 2019,

Jamb 2020/2021 registration

Jamb 2020/2021 registration procedure

1.) You need to create JAMB profile code

After that  you will get your Ten (10) digits jamb profile code, it is after this that you will go to buy e-pin in the bank,

How much is JAMB E-pin

The exact amount for jamb 2020/2021 have not been stated but it is between (#3,500 – #4000)

What are the banks that sell JAMB 2020/2021 Registration E-pin

The Banks below sell Jamb 2020/2021 e-pin , you can go to those banks an purchase your own e-pen.

  1. First Bank
  2. Zenith Bank
  3. Access Bank
  4. Union Bank
  5. Fidelity Bank
  6. Skye Bank
  7. Eco Bank
  8. First city monument Bank (FCMB)
  9. Sterling Bank
  10. Unity Bank
  11. Jaiz Bank

Those are the banks that sell e-pin,

Note; You can also buy Jamb 2020/2021 Registration E-pin from Nipost , just go to any nearest Nipost office near you.

Since you have now have your JAMB epin proceed to JAMB accredited CBT center to registration

Please Note: Not all CBT center are not accredited, rather look for accredited one and go, never pay money in the Cyber cafe only, go to accredited CBT center near you.

Things that you will need at the CBT center for proper registration for jamb 2020/2021 are;

  1. Your O’ level result which may be any of the following ( WAEC Result ,NECO RESULT  , WAEC GCE, NECO GCE .
  2. Your JAMB e-pin and profile code , the two is must have, but I will still show you how to create jamb profile code   in this article
  3. Email address and your phone number , make sure the email is yours, and also the phone number, if you do not have use you can use your parent or guidance phone to register but make sure you have access to it.
  4. Your NIN; This is an acronym for National identity Number you will need it also during the jamb 2020/2021 registration in the cbt center.

Why do Jamb introduced NIN ? Is to avoid some people registering twice , in 2018 many people registered for jamb twice  to get this go to their nearest office closes to you and register.

  1. Money; This one is must  have because you need money to get some of those things that I mentioned above, and also to buy the jamb form.

Tips on JAMB 2020/2021 Registration

  • Know your jamb subject combination for the course that you want to apply for both the First , second , third and the forth choice of Institution ,
  • When will I get my JAMB exam center , You will get your jamb exam center during reprinting of the registration slip, that they gave you after registration, How will you know when the reprinting start? They will tell you in the CBT center that you registered or here in informlearner .

When is jamb 2020/2021 registeration date

Jamb registration date

The starting date for jamb 2020/2021 has not been officially announced by the board, but it may start in Decenber ending, once it has been announced we will updated it here.

What about the closing date for jamb 2020?

The closing date for Jamb 2020/2021 has aslo not been announced , since we do not know the starting date to know the closing date is impossible, until it is announced by the board.

Is JAMB mock compulsory

No! It is not compulsory but I can say it is necessary, taking part in the jamb mock examination will give you clue on how jamb examination look like, it is to test your strength or capability and nothing more.

How much is Cost of JAMB Form and Registration

  • Cost of registration pin : #3,500
  • Compulsory reading text: #500
  • Services charge for registration: #700
  • Total: #4,700

How to create jamb profile code

To create jamb profile code is the easiest, because it do not take much time , how can you then create it by your self with your phone? Just send

  • Your surname
  • your first name
  • Your middle name

All to 55019 , this will cost your #50

once your have send it you will receive a notification from jamb that contain your jamb profile code do not delete the message keep it safe,

you can also write it in your jotter in case you misplace you phone.


Can I use the jamb profile code of last year

No! Do not use it try to  to create new one with new Sim card, This is for those that wrote jamb last year but couldn’t be able to gain admission.


Can I use awaiting result for jamb 2020/2021 registration

Yes, you can use awaiting result to register but make sure it is o’level like WAEC, NECO and if the result will not be it be admission will start do not try to use it but sure WAEC and NECO usually come out before admission exercise.

How to create email address for jamb 2020/2021 registration

Email address is must have for every candidate that want to register for jamb 2020/2021 because it is important in terms of receiving message from Jamb, now how can you create the email?

Just go to www.gmail.com fill required form , your email is ready to be used.


How to correct your information in jamb

Some candidates use to be very careless in fact , when they are filling the form it will be as if they are rushing just to go out

they will not cross check to know if the information they filled is correct or not,

Some candidates do give people their detail to register for jamb for them,

avoid this because any simple mistake will cost you what you are not expecting to spend.

Some mistakes you may likely made are:

  • Wrong Institution
  • Misspelling/incomplete Name
  • Wrong date of birth
  • Wrong gender

Note: You can’t change all this twice.

Any mistake here will cost you at least #4000 to correct it ,

So I advice you to be careful during jamb 2020/2021 registration to avoid regretable mistake.


I no I have answer all the questions that you may have in mind before about jamb 2020/2021 registration, and I no you will not ask question like when is jamb form 2020 coming out again and make sure you get your e-slip after registration.

Did you have any question ? If yes ask using the comment box below.


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