How to Pass WAEC 2020 in One Sitting without Expo

The best thing this year is that you are fortunate to be reading this post on how to pass waec in one sitting and I sincerely advice you to read through till the end to get the actual information I am disseminating here.
Often have I received questions such as
How to pass WAEC in one sitting , How to pass WAEC without stress , How to pass WAEC in wssce , How to get straight A’s in WAEC , How to pass WAEC without expo , How to pass WAEC in Nigeria ,

All these questions and more are what I receive mostly from Those preparing for WAEC examination,
Most people believes it is impossible to make Waec examination in one sitting. Do you think it is impossible? Do you think you can not pass Waec in one sitting without cheating ?

If you have this kind of thought, I am sorry to say this to you but you have to change your thinking mentality. It is not encouraging and less useful to the society and the members yet to come.


How to pass waec in one sitting

Do you want to pass your exam in one sitting?

I am not at the right position nor am I qualified to dictate or make choices for any human,

but the truth is this;
“You have power to make things right, you have power to make things wrong. you have an absolute power because you have freewill”

Another thing you need to know about is this;
“You are beyond measure, you are unpredictable, you are what you choose to be”.
like I have said earlier, you are such a lucky person to be reading this write up which is how to pass waec in one sitting.


Below is a carefully selected tips on how to pass waec in one sitting .

1. Be optimistic.
2. Overcome fear.
3. Battle waec past Questions.
4. Admit your weak areas and work on them.
5. Develop good study skill.
6. Avoid examination malpractices.
7. Pray to your God.
8. work harder.
9. Be dedicated and be zealous to study.
10. Attend extra classes.

Now, let’s talk on these tips listed above, all you need to do is to cool down and read do not rush.

1. Be optimistic

Will I pass this Exam? won’t I fail?

I don’t think I can pass this waec?.

Do you say any of those to yourself? Or have you ever ask any one question like How to pass waec in one sitting without much stress?

one secret to pass any examination like WAEC is believing that you can do it.

” Yes, we can” a famous quote from the then president of united state of America, Barack Obama.

yes, it is possible to pass waec in one sitting and this starts with you that’s reading this post.

Don’t allow situations, outcome or former things to weigh you down. you should think high of yourself be Courageous.
A man in my compound will always say
” I do all the things others can’t do because it has been done in the spirit.

I have already done it within me by saying I can”

so, the point of you passing waec in one sitting starts with you being optimistic.

2. overcome your fear

Could fear contribute to what I get as success?

Have you ever developed fear out of nothing?

Have you ever got scared for no reason?

You may think this is happening to you only, but the truth is that every human must encounter fear and what will make you succeed in passing your Waec in one sitting is overcoming that fear.

Now, how can you overcome this fear?

A. Understand what fear is really is.

Do you know fear. have you encountered it before. what does it do to you. Do you gain from fear or you loses?
all these questions are key to helping one define fear.
“You can not over power what you don’t know. you need to identify what you are fighting”

B. Educate your own self.

“you are your best teacher. every other teachings are secondary. you are the primary educator”

C. Select cool peer pressure.
Your friends are important to overcome fear. The kind of friends you move with will determine how long you are going to be tormented by this fear. Are you friends encouraging you. Do you get better day to day or you are becoming worst.
A man once said “I will beat my child if his friends are the non profiting ones”
why did he say this? This could be that things we do not add positively to our life is not needed and I agree with this.

D. Target success
if you what to succeed then you must pursue what you need.

if you need success in a sitting in your waec exam then you must follow it with proper measure.

“success will never meet you until you make an attempt”.

Aliko Dangote once said “I am successful today because I am a hard working man.

my mother taught me to work hard”

Naira Marley, Nigerian music artist in his speech after his release from prison said “I don’t care about what you say of me, what you think of me,how you see me or who you are think I am..yeah, I know the person I am and I sing about money in my music because I am working hard to make more. it’s my businesses”

so, overcome that your fear of you not passing your Waec in a sitting with this saying….”I refuse to think negative, I refuse to devalue my worth.

I am a genius and I am making this Waec in a sitting”

E. Seek for help.

Ask people who have faced this kind problem what they have experienced.
most people say “experience is the best teacher” but I will say it to anybody and anything Even to non corporeal being that “History is the best teach. My experiences are for success and overcoming”

F. Always think positively and also think of great achievers.
you learn from achievers, you can’t learn from a failure.


3. Battle waec past Questions

can past questions help me to pass waec in one sitting ?

Is it necessary to study past questions before I sit for waec examinations ?

These are some questions some candidate have been asking me and I sincerely want to say this to you that studying past questions is very essential and needful to passing waec examination in one sitting.

The reasons are;
A. past questions will aid you to focus and concentrate.

B. Past questions directs you on the area you are to study harder.

C. past questions allows you to know the nature of the examination which is waec ways of answering questions.
Notwithstanding, past questions is necessary before it guides, directs and aid student on how to prepare and how to attempt questions.

4. Admit your weak areas and work on them

Admitting your weakness is the same way of bringing yourself down in order to learn more.

Don’t act like you know when you don’t know.

Is maths your weak subject ?
Is English language your weak subject ?
Is Biology your weak subject ?

If you have any weakness in any subject you don’t have to feel so low and you don’t have to feel so high. you just have to accept you need to learn more in that area you find it so difficult.
” He who identifies and acknowledges his weaknesses is a great man ”

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5. Develop good study skill

A good study skills is needed to have a success in waec in just a sitting.

How do you study ?
when do you study ?
where do you study ?
how long do you study ?

why do you study or why are you studying ?

All these questions are what you should ask yourself before you begin to study because it will aid you in so many areas.

A good student must have a good study skills.

You don’t just read to pass examination but to understand.
You don’t just read with your body and mind. you have to connect your spirit as well.

When you read with your spirit, it stinks and stores in your memory for a longer time

6. Avoid examination malpractices

A friend once asked me How to pass WAEC without expo ? I just laugh and  I said to him,

most reasons why students fail their WAEC is because of these reasons;

1. They involved in examination malpractices. I.e they the candidate cheated during their waec examination especially during their first sitting.

2. The centre they wrote their examination is marked as malpractice centre due to former WAEC examination taken in that school in the previous years.

3. The student did not read well and so therefore there is no way they will answer the questions the way waec wants them to answer.

It’s very good and advisable to be a good study student. know when to study, how to study, where to study and why you should study. Don’t just read. read for a purpose, goal and objective.

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7. Pray to your God

You never made yourself. you never created yourself. if these two things are right then you must always recall your God.

Do not forsake your God who made you and gave you all things.

pray to your God for success, for accomplishment, for fulfilment etc.
“Your God is your root”
You need your God to pass waec in a sitting.

8. work harder

You must continue with your hard work.

Don’t give up and don’t relent.

The best student is one who is always consistent

Don’t feel like you are at the top and there is no need to work harder.

A great man once said

“I am rich, I have acquired knowledge and I work hard day to day to gather more”
Nothing is enough in this life. things are enough only once we get to heaven.

9. dedicated and be zealous to study

Dedication is an important thing in life. you must be willing, desired and have motive to accomplishing a task.

If you have dedication and you are dedicated to doing something not delicating your goal to another season, time or occasion.

As one who so desireth to succeed in anything must be willing to must show good attitude towards whatever he or she sets to achieve.

You want to make your waec in a sitting and you are not zealous, you are not dedicated.

Then I must say to you to stop wasting your time and energy.
As a rich man once said “I am rich because I work hard and I am dedicated to my work. my income is ever flowing due to this fact”

10. Attend extra classes

No man is an island of knowledge. No one knows it all.

“you must accept you don’t know to know more”.

Do not allow yourself to be led by the spirit of I know it, I think I know it, I may know it.
you need more knowledge like ever to make your Waec in one sitting.

How do I gain more knowledge ?

  •  Attend various extra.
  • Read whatever you can read.
  • Meet your predecessor to be more enlightened.

I therefore think it is high time I go on a very short break to take a chill water while you take a liitle time as well to ponder on these little thing written but mighty on how to pass Waec in one sitting,
Remain blessed. I will be very glad to see your comment or how you feel about this article.

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