9 Reasons Why you May Fail JAMB 2020 And See How to Pass

Why students fail jamb is the only question that most JAMB candidates do ask mostly,

is it that jamb is very difficult or what? Just keep on reading because I will answer the whole question and show you solutions on how to pass jamb before you read this post to the end.

Jamb is one of the most important examination for all the students that want to enter into higher institution, is also one  of the exam that students do write before post UTME for some schools that do write, now let me show you the reasons why students fail jamb as I promised and I will also show you the key solution at the end of this post, just keep reading…


Why students fail jamb

What are the reasons Why students fail JAMB 

  1. Lack of proper information on how to read and understand  

This is one of the most reason why students fail jamb, if you lack knowledge on how to read and understand definitely you have not started preparing to pass jamb 2020

Infact some students are lazy because they are very unconscious

Every students may know how to read but only few can read and understand easily and fast and some students forget what they read easily,

Are you in this category of forgetting what you read easily do not worry I have the medicine that can cure such, the only key to understand what you read easily is

  • Repeat ; Keep on rereading that thing constantly until it enter into your long term memory.

Study do not cram ; do not cram study that thing till you know it, if you cram it you will forget it soon so avoid it.

I hope that is clear to you, let now go on to the main point now, if you have question  feel free to ask.

2. ) Failure To Make use of Current JAMB syllables

You may ask what concern jamb syllables with failing Jamb or won’t I pass without it, haha! Jamb syllables is very important for any candidate that is ready to pass jamb and score very high, many people have been posting things like if you need jamb syllables for any course drop your WhatsApp no in our Facebook group

Who Need jamb syllables

What is this jamb syllables? It is materials that you need to pass jamb examples, Jamb recommended Text Books, Novels etc why is jamb syllables useful? It is very useful because it show you where jamb questions will come from and others, so have you seen that it is very Useful.

3.) You lack knowledge on how University admission works

Some students do not know how university admission work at all

But few do notice lately, now let me tell you did you know that admission into tertiary institutons is very competitive ,

The process were by 1000 students write exam to enter into only 100 sit will the remaining 900 students go back home to prepare for another jamb examination, that is why you need to be very serious, get good mentor that can be guiding and be visiting inform learner.com always for your admission guide and info will be of great help to you.

4.) Lack of determination

When once the students are not determined to succeed in their academic pursuit it Will lead to their failure,

According to the like of Albert Einstein he how ever point that Education is the progressive discover of ignorance .


It takes the hammer of diligence and determination to abtain success.

Another reasons why students fail jamb examination is

5.) Brain Drain

What do are mean by brain drain?

I mean that , The best brain are not being given their results even when they might have written well, some people pass but because of one problem or the  other may lead to their failure,

it may be that they said that their centre did malpractice or that the candidate do not sign addendace before leaving the examination hall that might cause the reason why the candidate failed jamb.

6.) Computer illiterate

this is the incompitance of the students on the usage of the computer appliances during the examination,

lol! I laugh at  my self  because I was once a victim of this,

I was happy that I want to go and write JAMB CBT but I knew nothing about how to operate computer even a friend of my after answering the first question that is no. 1 question he clicked submitted lol! That is how he failed his own JAMB

Thank God for a guy that show me how to use 8 key without mouse for the jamb utme I used  it and I really enjoyed it at the end I scored 288 in my JAMB

7.) Black of exposure

When the students happen to find themselves  in an area they have not been to it will affect them psychologically,

let take for instance a Candidates that came to write JAMB from village and see a place were jeep are passing any how with deffrent designs even seen students driven cars he/she may not feel comfortable at all but he will keep on watching he/she will keep on thinking about what he/she see’s till the exam end, that may cause students failing jamb,

8.) Examination malpractice/Depending on jamb expo

In fact this is among the major reasons why students fail jamb, when you forget about studing your books and keep on waiting for expo, Let me tell you a story before I go on because am about to reveal the major solution to you now,

so you can’t come back here and tell me Usulor I failed Jamb, or ask me Is jamb hard

A friend of my Emeka was busy paying a guy for Jamb expo will I used my money to buy jamb recommended books and novels and keep studing till the day of the exam, the guy have promised Emaka to send him the answer a day before the exam but that day is gone day for the examination have arrived Emeka never received any thing 10 Minuit before exam the thing land Emeka cramed it because he is Good in craming, it was after the examination that I noticed what happened that the guy sent 2016 past answer to Emeka, instead of 2019 Chai! Emeka is now busy preparing for another Jamb examination now after I showed him JAMB secret that I used that make me to scored 288 in my jamb you also can go through the article

Top 10 Secret On How to Pass JAMB at one Sitting

doing malpractice in jamb is not possible rather studing is the only key to pass jamb.

9.) In ability of the students to be time conscious during the exam 

When students do not managed their time judiciously during the examination it will lead to their failure, so students are very slow like day and night till their time expire and such student may not have finished with the exam and the system will off automatically this have cause failure of many jamb candidates.

That is all for now on reasons why students fail jamb 

If you have any question please fee free to ask using the comment box.


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